Dubai Shopping Extravaganza

Dubai, the beautiful country in the world is the most popular tourist destination and the most demanding honeymoon spot as well. A few lines of word will not be sufficient to introduce about Dubai shopping markets and returning home without visiting its incredible shopping markets will be truly disappointing. This Arabian country offers a plethora of shopping options to its visitors. Dubai attractions always wait for romantic couples so as to make their honeymoon a special one. During Dubai city tours, you may come to contact with several shopping malls, which will surely catch your attention.

Let's have a small introduction of Shopping malls in Dubai before you are flying for the country.

Dubai Mall:

It is one of the largest shopping Malls in the world and is a part of world's tallest skyscraper, Burj Khaliffa. Dubai Mall is not just a shopping mall; this is the place where you can find large aquarium; this is the place where you can find a big indoor theme park where several kinds of thrilling games are played; and this is the place where you can shop full bag of lucrative items. The mall has a 22-screen movie theater, an Olympic-sized ice skating rink, a replica of London's Regent Street and much more. The mall is loaded with several branded items from where you can pick some of your area of interest. However, you can find a wide collection of books, fashionable clothes for ladies and gents, gift items and many more by visiting this mall.

Deira City Centre:

The specialty of Deira City Centre is its friendly service; every shoppers of the mall greets the visitors with a smiling and a complimentary bottle of water. More than 370 numbers of merchandise shops and availability of electronic goods, jewellery and local goods such as original rugs and silk, make the mall a must visit place. Its 33 dedicated jewellery shops are always crowded by local and international tourist. If you want to go out of the world come into Magic Planet, where you can find exciting games, hair-raising rides and many more which cannot be avoided during Dubai shopping tour.

Dubai Gold Souk:

Dubai Gold Souk is positioned in Medina town of the country and located in Deira souk area. This market pretty occupying a large area and is popularly known for the most precious gold. Here, you can find more than 300 jewellery stores and different brands of pure jewellery. What could be the best gift for your wife rather than jewellery like rings, necklaces, bracelets during your Dubai honeymoon? You can make a great bargain if you truly take them to your home. Gold Souk is a center of gold trading in Dubai where you can find every style of jewellery from western to traditional Indian at affordable price.

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